New York City’s New Subway System is Simply Amazing

New York City is arguably the best city in the world. Even if it is not, its subway system is certainly up there with the very best any city has to offer. However, the users are often forced to cram together in rush hour due great usage of the subway by the daily commuters. To overcome this problem, NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the introduction of a new subway system with some amazing new features on July 18.

new nyc subway 1

The plan includes using subway trains with wider doors, increasing from 50 inches to 58 inches wide. This will reduce the waiting time to up to 35% and also help passengers in getting in and out without any hassle. The Governor called for 1025 new cars and 31 new subway stations to be built across the five boroughs of NYC. The project will cost at least $27 billion and will be completed in 2020.

new nyc subway 2

Apart from wider doors, the new system also proposes the use of centipede like cars that will accommodate 10% more passengers because they are wider and longer.  In addition, the city will install new circular bars with two handles (allowing more riders to hold on) and more security cameras on trains and in stations. The trains will also get a smart makeover with WiFi, LED headlights, USB Charging ports and digital displays announce arrivals and flip-up seats to save space.

new nyc subway 3

The amazing new plan does not end here. It is expected that NYC will experience a sea-level rise of up to 6 feet by 2100 and the city is already planning for that. Such a rise will naturally be devastating for the city’s subway system and engineers are already looking to design a flood proof subway system. Several options are under consideration including the “Flex-Gate,” large waterproof sheets that cover subway entrances to keeps the water out, and the “resilient tunnel plug,” a giant balloon that inflates to plug up a tunnel. This is just the start of a subway revolution for New York City.

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