New Laser Watch Actually Burns Through Things

Forget about kids, I know every man is going to want this watch.  Hobbyist Patrick Priebe makes a cool laser watch inspired by the laser watch in the James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again”.

laser watch2

This too cool to be true watch is made of carbon fiber which makes it light to wear.  The 1500 milliwatt laser which is blue in color is embedded in the watch,  looks like something out of a science fiction movie.  The laser is activated simply by pressing a brass button on the side of the watch.   It’s a working watch and can burn through tons of things, like plastic, packing tape and can also light a match from across the room.

laser watch3

Though the watch has amazing features, there is one huge disadvantage…..its battery life.  Power is provided by a lithium-polymer battery.   The estimated time duration for the watch is about 5-10 minutes only, but you should be able to get yourself out of a sticky situation before your battery dies.  You also have to be extremely careful while using the laser.  The watch is manufactured by Priebe’s company, Laser Gadgets.  It takes about 40-50 hours to build this watch from scratch costs $300 for all its components.  The watch will soon be available for ordering on its website.


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