New Helmet For Divers With Heads-Up Display

U.S. Navy Engineers have developed a futuristic heads-up display for diving helmets. A team led by Underwater Systems Development Project Engineer Dennis Gallagher invented this high tech helmet that is set to revolutionize the diving technology. We know more about the moon than we do about what lies at the depth of the oceans and this helmet could go a long way in enabling scientists to make more fruitful deep sea dives.

davd diving helmet

The helmet is called The Divers Augmented Vision Display or DAVD for short. It is a high resolution, see-through HUD that provides all the critical information to the diver. It enables divers to see real-time data from sonar radar to text messages, diagrams, and even more impressive, augmented reality videos. It also provides all the critical information in a concise area without obstructing visibility.

It also has situational awareness to help better navigate ships, downed aircrafts and other objects. The display also helps the engineers by displaying a diagram in 3D providing an incredibly accurate template to build off from within the depths of the water. Previously, all the data had to be briefed to the divers before the dive and they could not prepare for unforeseen circumstances. But with DAVD, all the information to be transmitted to the diver is easily displayed on the screen.

davd diving helmet 1

“By building this HUD directly inside the dive helmet instead of attaching a display on the outside, it can provide a capability similar to something from an ‘Ironman’ movie, you have everything you visually need right there within the helmet.” Says Gallagher. Other diving technology is also being developed after the success of the DAVD. The Naval Sea Systems Command (00C3) is currently in the developmental stages of developing enhancement sensors systems to provide divers with a larger field of vision, providing better clarity and a safer environment even in conditions where the water visibility is almost zero.

davd diving helmet 2

The new systems are likely to see direct integration into the DAVD HUD to provide divers with real-time feedback on critical information. The ocean is not a safe place and the divers literally put their lives in danger when they go underwater. The high tech gear like the DAVD can go a long way in making these dives safer and reap more benefits by providing all the information that the human eye cannot see.

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