New Eco-Friendly Airport to be Built in Mexico City

Cities all over the world want to build mega-airports to modernize their image and to reel in the big tourism bucks. Soon enough Mexico City will add its name to list of ‘airports to see’.  Mexico City’s gigantic new airport proposal announced today and is being called “most sustainable” in the world.


British architects Foster and Partners won a competition with their set of designs for the airport. The new airport is said to have a number of features that will appeal to environmentalists.  The structure itself will function like a giant solar panel in its attempt to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, it will have a rainwater collection system, and with a natural ventilation pattern the designers claim they will not need heating or air conditioning for most of the year.  The airport will have one central area with everything in one place, which is more energy efficient, as you won’t have to travel far to get to gates.  The Mexico City airport will be almost 600,000 square meters, making it one of the biggest in the world.  It will have a single, compact terminal enclosed in glass and steel.  With three runways served by one terminal, the airport will be able to handle up to 50 million passengers every year.


We are a bit skeptical about how travellers will walk distances over the vast span of the airport when they’re exhausted after long flights but we’ll just have to wait until 2018, when it is expected to open. It definitely makes sense to have all services together, but all of us who have travelled, know getting from one place to another in an airport could be quite a tedious task.  Foster says he wants to bring back the design where passengers can casually stroll from their cars to their planes.  The company will design the airport with fast construction and minimal waste.  With future planning in mind,  Mexico has taken the initiative in investing in its national airport.


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