NEOH Smart 3D Audio Headphones

We’ve seen many headphones in the past, but have you ever heard of 3D audio headphones?  3D Sound Labs may have designed an amazing product.  Their headphones are called NEOH (pronounced neo) and they are claimed to be the first audio headphones that have the ability to deliver 3D audio that’s comparable to a home audio system.


This headset provides you with spatial sound simulation using its motion sensors, making your sound experience more intense.  The headphones have an elegant design and a battery that lasts up to 18 hours.  NEOH is iOS and Android friendly.  It’s like adding a virtual reality system to a home entertainment system.  These headphone use motion sensors that deliver multipoint sound sources comparable to the latest generation of movie theatre surround sound or the most sophisticated home theatre equipment on the market.  With its 360 degree sound technology, 3D Sound Labs have introduced a theatrical sound experience to 3D audio headphones.  You will be able to play any movie and any music without have to change their format as the device is compatible with most of multimedia standards available.

neoh5 neoh4

“Our NEOH system offers the first headphones with the capability to deliver today’s home theatre audio formats and take advantage of all 3D content currently being developed.  An essential component of virtual reality, this technology is absolutely revolutionizing the user experience,” says Dimitri Singer, co-founder of 3D Sound Labs.  The NEOH headphones are a great way to experience headphone audio, delivering an experience you’d expect to hear in a movie theatre or a professional home audio system.


NEOH is your own personal home cinema and you can take it with you anytime, anywhere.  The company has an estimated ship date of Spring 2015.  In terms of pricing, 3D Sound Labs is hoping to sell the NEOH headphones for approximately $229.

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