NEEO – The Remote Control That Thinks

Many people have multiple remotes sitting on their coffee tables, one for the TV, one for the stereo, one for the DVD player, one for the fans, and so on and so on.   The company NEEO has recently launched a smart system that enables you to take control of all the devices in your home from one place.


It’s almost like controlling your home with your mind.  NEEO recognizes your movements, and displays your favourite playlists, films, or anything else that you like so no more switching from one remote to another or one app to another.  “Average remotes are inconvenient especially when you have one for every device and we have seen little innovation in that field in the past decades.  We created NEEO so you can control all your devices instantly and with minimum effort so you’re not jumping from remote to remote or app to app,” explains Raphael Oberholzer, CEO and Co-founder of NEEO.


There are two parts to NEEO; the brain and the remote itself.  The brain communicates with your devices and the remote recognizes your touch and instantly displays your favourite media and settings.  The NEEO brain features antennae to support the seven major home automation standards.  NEEO allows full control for Apple TV, Sonos, Nest, HUE and many other devices, dating back over the past 10 years.  Thanks to the low-power hardware design, NEEO runs for months without a charge, and it will never get lost thanks to the SOS function, that is activated with your smartphone.


“To make it even more effortless we have designed NEEO so it recognizes you when you pick it up to give the ultimate personal experience” says Oberholzer.  The hand recognition technology also means you can set parental controls.  NEEO is crafted from a single piece of aluminium and its display is made of gorilla glass.  It has a high resolution 3.2” display with 480×800 pixel touchscreen display, that’s more pixels per inch than Apple’s iPad retina display.  Oliver Studer, CTO and Co-Founder of NEEO, explains, “NEEO was built to be technically outstanding and to be a beautiful addition to any room.  We have used the best materials to create an elegant and stylish system that makes everyday use a pleasure.  Putting a movie on is as simple as pushing one button.”

Founded in early 2014, NEEO’s mission is revolutionize the way we interact with technology in our homes.  The company is based in Cupertino, California.  It will be available for $199 with an estimated delivery in March 2015.

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