Need For Speed – Six Legged Robot

A six-legged robot designed and built in Pensacola is gaining a lot of popularity in the online tech community. OutRunner as it is being called has been created by Robotics ­Unlimited, a spinoff of the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition headed by ­research scientist Sebastien ­Cotton who mentions his work in the following words, “The whole robotic world is really closed off right now……If you’re not an engineer with a Ph.D., well, you won’t be able to play with robots. I want to change that, so I started my company to commercialize robots.”

OutRunner 2

OutRunner is capable of reaching top-speed up to 20 miles per hour with two hours of battery time making it basically a marathon-running lightning bolt- it is being vouched for being the fastest robot ever made. OutRunner runs by rotating both sets of legs antagonistically so that as a foot on one side is lifted up, the one on the other is lodged down, almost like how humans and many animals run.

OutRunner 4 It is less than 2 feet tall, weighs approximately 3 pounds, and has three legs on either side of a central motor and processing unit. Its awesome design makes it tackle grass, asphalt, dirt, and almost any such thing. Not only is it self-balancing for those complex patches of shingle, it can be controlled from a smartphone.

OutRunner 5

There is also an HD camera attached to the robot to make you visualize the haphazard terrain it is traveling through by live streaming its movements. This however is not an easy experience to get, this six legged speedster is priced at $799 on Kickstarter, whereas its stripped-down, 10 mile-per-hour OutRunner “Core” smaller version still costs $299.

OutRunner 1

A timeline for OutRunner’s progress has the Robotics Unlimited team finalizing the robot’s design and smartphone app through the remaining of 2014, with initial models being sent to Kickstarter backers at the end of the year.

OutRunner 3

For its awesome performance check out the video links below!

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