Neato’s Botvac Connected Is The Smart Vacuum You Must Have

Connected devices are becoming the thing of the future.  Growing in popularity with things like smoke detectors, thermostats and even refrigerators.  The latest of these connected inventions is the connected vacuum.  Built by Neato Robotics, it is call the Botvac Connected.  Apart from the fact that the vacuum can clean your floor, it can also be controlled directly from the user’s Android or iOS smartphone.

botvac connected1

Neato Robotics first came out with its first robot vacuum cleaner at the CES 2010 and has been bringing on additions to its lineup ever since.  The new Botvac Connected will be displayed at IFA in Berlin.  The device can work on either a carpet or hard wood floor and allows for up to 120 minutes of vacuuming on a single charge. the Neato Botvac Connected, the new model will join existing Botvac models on store shelves and represents a more significant step forward for the brand than its Botvac D-series.


The Neato brand Botvac Connected connects with a Wi-fi network so that the user can connect with machine’s Neato app.  This app also sends the user instant notifications on where the vacuum is on its cleaning mission.  Another cool feature allows you to set your Botvac’s schedule or start a run remotely.  It will offer two cleaning modes, Turbo mode and Eco mode.  The Neat Botvac Connected also has a new filter design, making it easier to pop out and a new mesh screen to keep dirt from accumulating.  It also features the company’s Botvision technology that combines laser scanning, continuous room mapping and real time object detection to plan the most efficient path to get your home clean.  The machine is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

botvac connected3

There are many other non connected machines out on the market, but the idea of being able to start a vacuum run from outside of the home when you learn that you’ll be having unexpected company over is an appealing one.  The Botvac Connected will be available from Q4 2015 for US $699.

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