NAO Robot Drives a BMW Z4…..WOW!!!

The NAO Robot produced by Aldebaran Robotics has long been capable of a variety of awesome robotic features, and now it’s also a car-driving robot too. Aldebaran Robotics and RobotsLab have partnered to unveil a version of the NAO that can autonomously drive a miniature BMW Z4….Sweet.


The humanoid robot NAO features a two camera computer vision system, a sonar distance sensor, two infrared emitters and receivers, nine tactile and eight pressure sensors. Based on user commands from various sensors, the robot steers the car on its own.  It’s certainly nothing like Barbie and Ken in their convertible.


The car has an integrated laser range finder liked to an onboard Atmel based Arduino, which analyzes the vehicles’ surroundings and then relays steering inputs to the NAO unit in the driver’s seat. The robot and ride will cost you around roughly around $10,000, but if you are purchasing directly from RobotsLab, you can send the code “TechCrunchie2014 and checkout with the robot less $2000 from the price.

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