MOTA SmartRing – The World at your Fingertips

Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets and then more Gadgets!!!! When will the human mind be satisfied?  Once again there’s  a new product out there, when paired with an Android or iPhone, MOTA SmartRing wearers receive notifications or incoming calls, text messages, calendar notifications, and email.




Sometimes you could be somewhere when checking your phone may be inappropriate.  The MOTA SmartRing gives wearers a super easy and very natural way to see who’s trying to reach them no matter where they may be.  Mobile phone users constantly have to turn on different phone apps to check alerts.  With the SmartRing checking alerts becomes effortless.  The notifications alerts with vibrations on your finger.  This wearable technology syncs with the smartphone app meaning you can stay connected even with your cell away.  You can also choose which bulletins you want displayed and which ones you don’t.  A VIP feature allows you to create a list of contacts worthy of your time with the SmartRing.


The ring’s built in display can show give you notifications in the form of text, audio, and tactile alerts.  This latest addition to the world of smartphone technology will be unveiled at IFA this week in Berlin.   MOTA’s SmartRing is water resistant and will be available in two colors, midnight black and pearl white.  Since it has not yet hit the market we don’t know what type of dent it will put in your pocket, but shipping is scheduled for the end of this year.  smartring5There is no doubt in our minds of the intellect behind this gadget,  it’s putting connectivity at your fingertips, literally.  You are reachable even when you’re out of the reach of your phone, but let’s think about this…..Don’t you want to be lost sometimes?  This sounds like an invasion of our privacy.


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