Morgans Classic 3-Wheeler With An Electric Twist Set To Launch in 2016

British Motoring company, Morgan, announced plans to produce an an all-electric 3 wheeler last week, mimicking the vintage design of their founder’s first ever three wheel car that he had created for his personal use. An advanced prototype of the EV3 debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed yesterday, taking its vintage glory to the lovers of the trade.

Morgan EV3 (4)

It is the second time Morgan has set plans for an EV3, following the re-release of their iconic three wheeler to celebrate H.F.S Morgan’s 100th birthday back in 2011. This time, they are going all electric without compromising on the original’s class.

Morgan EV3 (3)

The rear-mounted electric motor graces this vintage vehicle and offers 75kW power. With 25kgs from the motor on its back, the EV3 weighs around 550 kg on the scale. Unlike its mechanical counterpart that touces 115 mph, the electronic three-wheeler will offer speed no more than 80 mph.

Morgan EV3 (1)

Other performance details are not yet available, as Morgan is yet to finalize a working prototype that reaches its mark. The EV3 will be up for grabs by end of 2016, and is expected to cost around £30,000, stroking the palette of vintage car lovers.

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