Monolith: Skateboard with In-wheel Motors

It sure looks like a skateboard, but it definitely has a little something more that adds a punch.  The Monolith, by Inboard Sports is a fun skateboard with in-wheel motors that allow you to have super fun.

monolith6 monolith4

The Monolith looks like a regular skateboard but provides you with a much smoother riding experience.  It comes with swappable battery packs.  It also has a USB port to charge your remote and battery through a single wall outlet.  You can also charge you mobile device through the USB Connect feature.  All this is accomplished through the use of the patented Manta Drive, in-wheel direct drive, motor assembly.  The Monolith glides just like a traditional skateboard, due to its floating motor assembly; the only components linking the wheel to the motor are free spinning bearings.  You can customize your own settings to suit your level of riding.

monolith3 monolith2

The Monolith’s motors are integrated into its rear wheels for a more efficient and smoother ride.  Its swappable battery lasts up to 10mi per charge.  A full charge can be achieved in about 90 minutes.  It can go up to 24mph but can be limited through its app.  The Monolith comes with an RFLX remote that makes speeding or braking easy.  The companion app lets you view battery levels and adjust settings.  The app lets you lock your board and push updates to you board.  The high-tech design makes the skateboard look sleek, visually appealing, hiding the motors and batteries inside the deck and wheels.  The Manta Drive is 100% weather resistant.


Inboard Sports is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  The complete Monolith package will be available starting at $899.  Shipping will begin by September 2015.

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