Minipresso: The Best Coffee Away From Home

Missing your coffee when you’re camping? Well you don’t have to miss it anymore if you have Minipresso. Anywhere, anytime enjoy a delicious espresso with little effort and a quality close to the traditional. Wacaco has created a coffee lovers dream with this mini espresso machine.


Whether you’re hiking, camping, boating or staying in a hotel, the compactness of the Minipresso makes it the ideal espresso machine to slide into your bag or backpack. This machine requires no electricity as it works manually, you just pop the coffee capsule in, add a some water, unlock the pump, start pumping until you have your espresso ready.


Along with its pleasant, modern and sleek design, Minipresso also has a semi-automatic piston which allows you to pump out the amount of coffee you want. It weighs only 0.8 pounds and produces about 70ml of coffee. Wacaco has said they are already planning on launching a bigger tank which can be used on the same device. The Minipresso will be available early next year for $49, but can be purchased for $39 during pre-sale on the Wacaco website so now you don’t need to get rid of your daily pleasures when you’re away from home.

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