Miilo – The bike that grows with your child

“How fast have they grown up?” This is the phrase we often hear around our family when the kids are being discussed. Their stuff no longer fit them and one has to buy new stuff every few years. MILO by Andreas Bhend 3One of these things is your kid’s bike, paying attention to the family expenses, a Swiss designer designed a bike that is built by adjustable wood and aluminum that actually “grows” up with your kid. An economical solution really. MILO by Andreas Bhend 2The parts of the bike can be replaced to increase its size hence preventing the exchange with a larger bike. Miilo is the perfect bike for the children as its mechanism allows the parents to increase the size of its frame, just as your kids grow.

MILO by Andreas Bhend 4Stated to be suitable for the children between the ages of two and seven years. Using a proper system for balancing, the Miilo features the support wheels for training purposes that makes it easier for the kids to learn riding.MILO by Andreas Bhend 5MILO by Andreas Bhend 6The size of the bike can easily be changed by modifying the frame a little bit. Just disassemble it and flip it and Voila! With Miilo you can guarantee that your kids won’t lose their childhood companion and the parents won’t have to spend on replacing the bike time after time.

MILO by Andreas Bhend 7In the video, the designer Andreas Bhend shows exactly how the bike functions.

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