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The age we live in is likely to be called the smart era. We are surrounded by smart tech, may it be our phones, televisions or even our furniture. These have become a necessity for us, as all of us need to be connected to the internet at all times, may it be business or studies! All of us need to stay updated and in sync with our mails etc. Meta M1 Smartwatch (2)The latest accessory in this smart family are the smart watches. They were introduced some time ago, but recently the Meta M1 manufacturers came up with something quite remarkable as the Meta M1 is up for pre-order now.

It is believed to be one of the first smart-watches that can pass as a fashion accessory with your attire. The collaboration of ex-Fossil engineers led to result in the Meta brand, they brought in Frank Nuovo (known for his Nokia and Vertu designs) to help with the aesthetics of this product. As HP and Motorola are supposedly launching some eye-catching watches later this year, it is believed that the manufacturers are actually weighing in for the style of the wearable as it does matter to the user.

Meta M1 Smartwatch (1)

Offered in eight different variations, covering rubber, leather and stainless steel straps and five different colors (red, silver, black, white and gold), the face of the device uses a monochrome display, just like we’ve seen earlier in the Pebble. And the device can be linked to the user’s android or iOS applications to get push notifications and control certain settings through the smart watch. The device offers useful information and notifications at a single glance. The designers described it to be firstly a watch and then a smart-wear.

Meta M1 Smartwatch (1)Meta M1 Smartwatch (3)

The Meta M1 features a USB port on the back, for charging the gadget.

Meta M1 Smartwatch (4)

According to Frank Nuovo himself: “Art of the glance is about being able to casually glance at your digital life without being consumed by it. If you’re out with somebody, pay attention to them. If you need to know if an email or message came in, you can glance nicely, easily, at your Meta, and see what’s going on without disrupting the flow of the day.”

Meta M1 Smartwatch (5)

This gadget is announced to be available for pre-order in the range of $249 – $449 at the official site. If you put in your order now, there’s a probability that you’ll be served by September.

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