Mercedes-Benz Zetros: A Luxury Apartment on Wheels

Top class meets top class: Mercedes-Benz and Hartmann Spezialkarosserien.  Three components have come together to produce a fascinating, top-class mobile home, luxury and precision from Mercedes-Benz, maximum stability and technical brilliance from Hartmann Spezialkarosserienn, and interior equipment from Hunerkopf.  This super home will appear at its public premiere at the Caravan Show in Dusseldorf for recreational vehicles from August 30th to September 7th.


The Zetros has the off-road ability of a heavy duty vehicle and a load-carrying capacity of a heavy-duty truck.   The vehicle has all-wheel permanent drive, along with three differential locks and a two-stage transfer case that allows the truck to venture anywhere.  Mercedes said that the Zetros can travel in rivers up to 1.19 meters in depth and also climb up hills of 80% gradient and has an axle articulation of 2x500mm.  The vehicle is powered by a six-cylinder in-line engine offering 240kW, teamed with a six-speed automatic gearbox.


The body is gorgeous to say the least. The cab and the body of the mobile home are connected by a passage.  Walls, roof and floor are made of one piece, galvanized and plastic coated panels.  They offer high stability as well as excellent insulation thanks to a maximum wall thickness of 100mm.  A special feature is an electrically powered slide-out to the left in the direction of travel.  It increases the living area to a length of 2.5m.  At the rear, a sturdy load carrier with hydraulic lift is capable of carrying a motorcycle.

zetros6 zetros5

Ohhhhh the living area….it will make you give up your home and live here permanently. The interior, supplied by Hunerkopf, has been carefully thought out as it is comfortable.  It has a kitchenette, bathroom, separate shower cubicle, and a double bed to the rear.  LED’s are used for the interior lighting.  If you don’t want to be totally cut off from the world, there is an internet connection and TV.  The stereo system is a Bose.  How better could it get?

Mercedes-Benz Zetros interior zetros3

Well, all luxuries aside, Mercedes-Benz didn’t forget the practical side. The truck is capable of carrying 300 liters of water and 600 of diesel.  There is also a combination of lithium-ion batteries and solar energy system.  If necessary, there is a power generator on hand to meet all energy requirements.  To top it all off, the on-board equipment also includes 2 diesel powered hot water heaters and an air conditioner.   So it’s time to let go of your high rise luxury apartments and climb into a Zetros.

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