Mercedes-Benz 2017 E-Class Ready To Topple Tesla

This month, Mercedes-Benz is releasing a semi-autonomous vehicle unlike several major automobile manufacturers who are planning to create autonomous technology for the future. It seems that Mercedes will bring down Tesla from its top position of the autopilot and the computer assisted driving industry. This all new E-Class consists of such autonomous aspects that even Tesla does not have. It starts at US$54,650 this month and Mercedes-Benz describes the new 2017 E-Class as the most intelligent car in the world.

Mercedes-Benz 2017 E-Class Ready To Topple Tesla (2)

The car is considered to be a stepping stone into an accident-free world as it includes 360˚ radar and cameras compiling almost every viewing angle. Mercedes-Benz stated, even though the new E-Class contains such features that permit near autonomous operation on the highway, like following a car at a certain distance and automatic passing abilities, however the real skill of this car is avoiding accident. In case if the sensors in the car detect that an accident is about to happen, it takes driving control to avoid the accident if possible, adjusts your seat quickly to position you for the crash, and even emit a tone that keeps you from having hearing loss in the collision.

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As per The Drive, the car is also equipped with what Mercedes calls Car-to-X Communication. This technology is capable of linking up every E-Class together in order to use the sensors of other cars to make decisions on its own. This would let each car to have a perfect roadmap of everything happening around it, even miles in advance as soon as it is implemented in a large collection of models. Envision a car that is capable of sensing traffic ahead before the visual signs and can divert your route accordingly.

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Needless to say, the interior and exterior of the new E-Class feature Mercedes’ traditional luxury elegance, with all of the technology integrated. It is expected that Tesla will still stay on top of the autonomous game in terms of general population, but this new car indicates the start of some major competition for Musk and his engineers.



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