MegaBots: Giant Paintball Firing Robots

Recently we’ve seen movies where people sit inside giant robots shooting other robots down, knocking pieces off of each other.  If the company MegaBots takes off we’ll see this in reality too.  A group of scientists specializing in robotics and hydraulics are trying to get their company MegaBots off the ground.


The vision of MegaBots, Inc, a US based company, is to turn robot combat into a spectator sport.  They plan to develop the first ever giant robot tournament, with the view to creating a sports league in the future.  The armored humanoids are 15 feet tall and weigh almost seven tons.  They come with modular pneumatic cannons for arms and have a pilot unit in the middle with room for two people.  One of them drives the robot, while the other person controls the guns.  The paint cannonballs they fire are the size of melons and weigh around 1.5 kgs each.

megabot2 megabot1

The MegaBots have been designed to have breakaway armour plating that will shatter and explode when hit by another robot.  A system of sensors will measure the damage to the bot, tallying critical hits to the machine’s limbs and torso and providing score for spectators.  “As more and more hits are taken, robots start to limp, joints start to seize, weapons start to jam, and after enough damage, limbs are completely blown off.  The last MegaBot standing wins!” explains the team.  The team is currently working on the prototypes and final design and has already constructed a prototype upper body and arm, as well as a prototype gun emplacement and two weapon systems as technology demonstrators.  These robots run on the same type of technology that powers giant construction equipment, like bulldozers and excavators.  The difference is that advanced algorithms let these beasts balance on two feet and remain upright and fight in combat.


If you’ve got a spare million dollars sitting around, the team will build you your very own customized MegaBot, including cupholders, heated seats, a complimentary set of paint ammunition, a wide variety of colors to choose from, and free home delivery.  The company hopes to have their first MegaBot tournament in May 2016.


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