Meet BOCCO, The Family Robot

Communication has been made inherently easy with Wi-Fi technology, smartphones and the lot. Use of these gadgets has a downside to it, which feels unavoidable at times.

Smartphones can be addictive to children, and extremely complicated to use for the elderly or disabled. Some parents may prefer not giving their children smartphones, and some children may want an improvement on the conventional emergency call-bell they give to their elderly.BOCCO (4)

BOCCO, a tiny robot was conceptualized by Yukai Engineering, a small robotics startup in Tokyo, Japan, to aid these concerns. This tiny robot is a house-bot that can keep you remotely connected to your loved ones – the perfect replacement for a smartphone.This device is barely 195 millimeters tall and weighs just 220 grams, making it incredibly handy for anyone. Equipeed with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (for low battery conditions), it allows for smooth connectivity to your smartphone.BOCCO (1)

BOCCO connects to your smartphone through an app so you can remotely access it. Leave BOCCO at home and you can send a text or voice message through your phone that’ll be read out loud to your family via BOCCO’s speakers. Speak to BOCCO and receive the correspondence on you smart phone. It also comes with a motion detector that can be installed in your doorway and send you a notification when your children return home.

BOCCO can replace smartphones with its unique correspondence options. It’s lightweight, easy to use with just two buttons – Record and Play – and fun for children.


The package includes:

  • BOCCO Robot
  • One Motion Sensor
  • Sensor strap
  • AAA batteries x2 for sensor
  • AC adapter
  • App Download Information


The developers have taken to crowdfunding on Kickstarter to improve BOCCO’s design and release it as a commodity by September of this year. The project has reached its goals, but new backers can expect exceptional rewards, including a hand painted version of BOCCO with traditional Japanese art.

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