Learn How To Make Jon Snow Cape From an Ikea Rug

How many of you are Game of Thrones fan? We are guessing you are many. Have you all heard about how Jon Snow’s cape has been created from an Ikea rug? The Swedish furniture giant has taken advantage of this news and has provided the GoT fans with instruction on how they can transform the household rug into a Jon Snow cape.Learn How To Make Jon Snow Cape From an Ikea Rug

This set of instructions has been given out after the lead wardrobe designer for the GoT series, Michele Clapton, admitted that the Jon Snow’s cape is indeed an Ikea rug. According to her, “It’s a bit of a trick, we take anything we can.”

This was more than enough to grant Ikea a chance to jump on the statement and the company didn’t disappoint. It came up with a helpful visualisation of how to transform your everyday Ikea rug into the iconic Jon Snow costume. The process is fairly simple, however, you will need to purchase Ikea’s Skold rug for $79 first.Learn How To Make Jon Snow Cape From an Ikea Rug

Grab a pair of scissors and cut a hole out for your head and voila! You’re all set to go face off the Night King. Ikea has always encouraged its customers to ‘hack or modify’ its products to suite their needs.

Well, there you have it folks. The secret to the cape that Jon Snow wears to the wall.

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