Make it Possible with the Impossible Bike: fully electric and foldable

Folding bikes can be a great way of incorporating cycling into your daily commute.  A bike will get you from point A to point B and keep you in shape at the same time.  China-based engineers have designed an electric bike that can fit in a backpack.  Bike innovation has gone a long way.

impossible bike1

impossible bike3

Impossible Technology’s bike might not be the most stylish of machines, but weighing just 5 kg and capable of reaching a speed of 12 mph, it sure is practical.  The Impossible bike runs on 2,900 mAh battery powered brushless electric motor and can be recharged using a household plug socket.  It has a range of up to 15.6 miles before you need to recharge it again.  It’s made of anodized aluminium, making it quite light.  It can support a maximum weight of 180 pounds.  Other than all the tech stuff, the selling point of the Impossible bike is that you can easily fit it in a backpack, with what seems like minimal fuss involved in the assembly and disassembly process.  When folded, its only 17 inches tall.

impossible bike5 impossible bike4

One of the space saving measures is combining the seat and carry case.  As the saddle is detachable and shaped to fit the folded bike snugly inside, it protects the batteries and motor from the elements should you need to store it outdoors.  It is incredibly convenient for commuters to store under their desk at work, or carry it around on public transport.  The bike is available is three colors,  white, black, and pure black. Shipping is scheduled to begin by August 2015 if everything goes as planned.

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