M16 Crossbow Is Quite The Weapon

The M16 is a gun like no other.  Joerg Sprave, a weapons designer has constructed a working crossbow using spare M16 parts and he calls it the M16 Crossbow.

m16 crossbow2

In Germany a crossbow is “unregulated in Germany, so totally legal to own,” according Sprave.  He has ensured that there is a protective housing for the rubber band which is used to propel the ammunition, while doubling up as a silencer along the way.  Using a it supplied by PSE, a crossbow maker, the M16 crossbow was made in such a way that it’s terrifyingly powerful and unnervingly quiet.  It fires with so much force that it splits the shaft of the arrow as it hits the oak board.

m16 crossbow3 m16 crossbow4

Sprave is continually trying to improve on the design and he is planning on coming up with a multi-firing version that would be your weapon of choice in a zombie attack.

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