Luna Wash by Electrolux – Taking Care of Laundary for You

Laundry day is without a doubt one day we just wish we could fast forward. Luna Wash, the brain child of one Mr. Juan Camilo Restrepo Villamizar, presents the easiest way for the laziest person to wash his laundry. Here is how it goes, the mechanics of this wonder works in steps. The first step is to pour a little bit of water into the Luna Wash and then comes the clothes. This cool machine then converts the water into steam, which loosens the clothes and in turn the clothes lets go of the dirt in their fibers.

Luna wash

Since nothing is simple with this machine so instead of cleaning your clothes the traditional way, the Luna Wash zaps out the dirt using electro-static charge that attracts and ultimately glues the dirt on to its metal frame. The idea not only saves space but also is sustainable, saves money and is environmental friendly.

Luna wash

Luna wash then uses vibration and pushes the clothes all the way to the end of hamper and to top it all off it then give your clothes a blow of  hot air. A good thing about the Luna Wash is that it uses little amount of water as compared to the traditional washing machine, its small size is also a plus point and lets not forget it looks cool and futuristic.

Luna wash

Now, given the size and ease with which it washes clothes is pretty impressive however there may be a few flaws. To begin with, this futuristic yet tedious work is likely to leave the clothes very wrinkled. The price too is still not known but it sure does sound a bit expensive. But then again all of this weighing the pros and cons of the equipment would hold meaning if the device actually existed. At this stage it is just a concept of how we might be doing our laundry a few decades from now.


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