Look Out Folks – Here Comes Norah

DIY projects are becoming quite famous. One can find almost all of the information from the internet and add a hint of creativity and there you have it; your very own invention which might turn out to be cool and fun. Meet, Colin Furze who has a record for coming up with bizarre inventions but this time he has come up with something far more dangerous.

World’s Most Dangerous Jet Powered Bicycle – Norah-1

“It is as MAD as it looks,” says the British inventor Colin Furze about his latest and most dangerous invention, the JET bicycle aka “the most dangerous unsafe bicycle in the world.” The raw material for his jet-powered bicycle is his friend’s mother’s old Rayleigh pushbike after whom he has nicknamed the bicycle “Norah.”

World’s Most Dangerous Jet Powered Bicycle – Norah-2Considering all his eccentric inventions, one might think he’s an engineer with a lust for creating crazy things. However, he is only a plumber and has already won four Guinness World Record titles for his incredible inventions, including world’s largest bonfire, world’s longest motorcycle (72-foot-long), the fastest mobility scooter, and a gas-powered stroller making use of the tools that proper engineers would laugh at.

The jet bicycle, Norah, has been recorded to attain speeds of 50 miles per hour. Furze has attached the jet engine in the back and placed some distance between the rider’s seat and the engine for the reason that the exhaust pipes glow red from the amount of heat generated by the jets. Nevertheless, while riding Norah, life-threatening heat is not the only thing you should be bothered about.

World’s Most Dangerous Jet Powered Bicycle – Norah-3Norah is quite pleasant to ride at speeds of up to 35mph, from 35-45mph it becomes very shaky and extremely difficult to control but at 50mph you have been lucky enough to stay on just as you wait for the tires to blow. Fortunately, Colin lived the trial ride and since then has been searching for a smoother runway to be able to test Norah at even higher speeds. However, he is not the first person to invent the jet engine propelled bicycle. That honor stays with teenage Romanian inventor Raul Oaida, who created a jet-powered mountain bike that could reach speeds of up to 26mph on a leveled road.

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