LinkSquare By Stratio Identifies Your Medicines

Pills having same color and size often get confused by those who are on constant various medications. Even professionals can struggle with differentiating medications. It has been ascertained by NBC’s New York affiliate that about ‘50 million prescriptions’ are incorrectly filled each year partially due to such confusion. Therefore, a device, LinkSquare, has been created by a startup company, ‘Stratio’, which is capable of protecting against prescription confusion in seconds.

LinkSquare By Stratio

The drug is recognized correctly by the LinkSquare device using spectroscopy. It is a pen-shaped instrument that shines a light onto the pills and detects the wavelengths both absorbed and reflected, something that differs from drug to drug. It notates the slightest differences in hues, thereby making it way more powerful and consistent as compared to the human eye.

In order to use this device, hold the LinkSquare like a large pencil with the tip placed anywhere against the pill. Press “Scan” on its companion iOS app and wait for a few seconds for the results.

LinkSquare By Stratio

In addition to saving time and energy for busy pharmacists, this device is also very essential for doctors in areas with limited resources. Besides, the company even demonstrated the device with counterfeit drugs. Check out how LinkSquare differentiates between a real malaria pill and a counterfeit pill in the video link below, which itself is a lifesaving feature (especially when dealing with medications for things like malaria).

A starting price of about $250 USD is being expected by Stratio. Expanded databases lead to price escalation. The bigger a database one needs for identification, the higher the cost.LinkSquare By Stratio LinkSquare By Stratio


Stratio was created by four Stanford electrical engineers in 2013 and has raised more than $5 million in its four years as a company.

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