Lightors Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries can become very expensive, especially  if  you’re buying the normal throwaway ones.  If you have a teenager in the house who plays X-Box you will know how fast these deplete in the game controllers.  Rechargeable batteries are an option which is cheaper to throwaway batteries, but you have to put them into a big and bulky wall charger which isn’t practical when you’re away from home.  Intoducing Lightors batteries.


Lightors batteries are a new type of rechargeable battery which is seeking funding on Kickstarter.  The batteries charges via a USB port rather than the charger you have to plug into the wall.  The best feature of the Lightor batteries is that they can survive up to 500 charge cycles.  The batteries have a tiny cover that hides the USB port.  The look just like any ordinary AA or AAA battery and can be used in any device that requires those sized batteries.  Once the batteries run out of charge, you can simply plug them into any existing micro 5-pin USB cable and recharge them.  Not only will you reduce the amount of money you spend on batteries, you’ll reduce the amount of waste that’s produced from throwing batteries away.


Lightors is a young company founded by Michael Cho and Philip Kim, that contributes to the development and distribution of advanced eco-friendly products. “Light makes for a better society, meaning brightening and making positive changes, and it’s important to focus on creating valuable work that brings light to this world.


The project funded $15,000 in just one day.  Lightors are priced reasonably for a rechargeable battery with a two pack of AA batteries, running just $8.  Hopefully they will be available in Mid-2015.

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