Let’s Recycle – ERO Robot

ERO Concrete Recycling RobotEngineering owes a great deal to science and the advancement which science has made over the decades. What would seem like a fantasy is reality now and well, we are continually getting amazed by the inventions and innovations that science keeps on bringing our way and making our life easier.

Speaking of engineering, have you noticed how the trend has shifted to taller buildings? You just keep building stories on top of one another and you’ve got yourself a great place! But, that’s not exactly how it falls down. It’s a mess and we all know what happens at a building deconstruction site. You see debris all around not to mention the safety hazards. `That is where the ERO concrete deconstruction robot comes along which is a hug step forward in the field of industrial design and engineering.

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 4In order to help reduce the waste created during building deconstruction industrial designer, Omer Haciomeroglu, constructed this robot to provide an efficient way to reuse the cement and debris while greatly minimizing the safety and environmental hazards that occur as a result of the conventional process.

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 3 “ERO is a Concrete Deconstruction Robot designed to disassemble reinforced concrete structures and enable the building materials to be re-used for new pre-fabricated concrete buildings.”, says Omer.

This concrete recycling robot employs water jets to crack the hardened concrete surface to disassemble it and then sucks up the mixed debris. Hence the waste mixture is completely separated which is stored as labeled packages to be reused in construction purposes.

ERO Concrete Recycling Robot 2While yes, this idea might have some glitches (which idea doesn’t?) it sure could hold a great promise in the future. Such inventions and awesome ideas need to be encouraged. The best part about this robot is that it not only helps in disassembling of structures but it also highlights the importance of recycling materials! Kind of reminds us of Wall.E, doesn’t it?

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