Let There Be Light – Nite Ize Slaplit LED Slap Wrap

This era of technology is witnessing quite a number of inventions and innovations all with more or less the same aim; to improve the living standard. The gadget we are going to talk about today also works towards this goal and falls in the category of wearable tech. Say hello to Nite Ize Slalpit LED Slap Wrap.Nite Ize Slaplit LED Slap Wrap2 Nite Ize Slaplit LED Slap Wrap

This bracelet like gadget will probably remind you of the bracelet you had as a kid but it sure is different when it comes to functionality. The idea is to slap the bracelet around your wrist, ankle or arm and snap it. When the button is pressed it turns on an LED light. This light can prove useful if you’re trekking at nighttime or want to give out a signal at night. If you press the button again the light starts blinking.Nite Ize Slaplit LED Slap Wrap4 Nite Ize Slaplit LED Slap Wrap5 Nite Ize Slaplit LED Slap Wrap6 Nite Ize Slaplit LED Slap Wrap7 The uses of it can be numerous; you can signal to others for help or simply use it while jogging at night to keep the dark away. Either way, it sure is a smart invention!

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