LEGO’s New HQ in Billund, Denmark

If you walk into a building that resembles gigantic LEGO bricks, it will be the year 2016 when the new LEGO House opens in Billund, Denmark.  The building will look like LEGO bricks combined and stacked in a creative way to give you an imaginative experience both outside and inside.


LEGO has revealed the design by Danish company BIG for its new headquarters.  The innovative way the bricks will be exhibited will show the masses the depth of Lego play. The LEGO House will be approximately 30 meters tall and will house a total of 7,600 square meters of exhibition areas.   Inside the building, you will find exhibition spaces, a café and shop, several roof top gardens which will all be accessible to the public.  The LEGO House, which is due to open in the year 2016 is expected to attract 250,000 visitors annually.  In the experience center guests can expect to spend hours and hours having fun while at the same time engaging in an educational and inspirational experience – and we all know that playing with LEGO is just that.  If you’re a huge LEGO fan you can get the Lego Architecture kit and build your own version of the building.



Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, LEGO owner, explains, “The LEGO House will show the past, present and future of the LEGO idea and I am certain it will be a fantastic place, where LEGO fans of all ages and their families and friends will get a wide range of unique LEGO experiences”.  This seems to rank up there with the likes of Disneyland.  Playing with LEGO bricks stimulates children’s minds, allowing them to play creatively while learning as well.


The company held a ceremony when construction commenced and part of this was laying the cornerstones of the building, which of course were giant pieces of Lego.

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