Learn Piano With PIANU

The fastest and best way to learn piano or any other musical instrument is learning to play your favourite song.  A new tech called Pianu is the perfect tool to make you capable of playing your favourite song on piano.


Pianu makes it hard not to learn how to play piano.  The entire program runs independently on your computer.  You will not require any additional software to download to make it operational.  Basically, you will have two individual procedures to use this tech; you can completely use your computer for this and the computer keyboard will play the role of the piano.  The other way is much better, you just plug in your actual piano.

All you have to do is plug in your MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) keyboard and play it any which way you want.  Pianu comes with a roll out keyboard, so it has become more portable.  When this MIDI keyboard is connected with Pianu, it becomes a 6 octave piano.  This MIDI keyboard feels like real keys.  The message behind the product, is that anyone can afford it and learn quality piano.  Pianu shows you how to play note by note and you can also play along with tracks.


Matt Curney and Jacob Anderson are the brains behind this product.  $25 will cover the cost of commercial licensing as well and the time needed to program your song into the site.  The keyboards are ready and can be expected to be delivered by mid to late February.  Curney and Anderson just wanted learning piano available to everyone.

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