Learn How You Can Reduce Wastage of Lotion with This Amazing Invention!

How many times have you thrown away a bottle of lotion because the pump has quit working?  You know there’s more lotion inside but the hassle to retrieve just isn’t worth it, so you head out to buy a new one.  The Zero Waste Cap is an adaptable cap that solves this problem completely.


The Zero Waste Cap is designed  to easily thread on the necks of lotion bottles you find at local stores.  The cap transforms a lotion pump bottle into one with a flip top cap that can be balanced upside down as gravity pulls the lotion towards the bottom, thus making it easy to dispense.zero1

Consumer Reports say that when the pump stops working, there’s probably 17% – 25% of the contents still left inside the bottle.  With the Zero Waste Cap you can stop hitting, banging and shaking the bottle.  All you have to do is attach the cap to your lotion bottle and flip it upside down.  Zero Waste Cap comes with adapters so you can easily fit different lotion bottles.


The creators went through many prototypes and tests before the Zero Waste Cap was born.  It is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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