Learn How To Make An English Long Bow From A Fallen Tree

An art that is never mastered by several carpenters and metal workers is crafting fine tools. As everything was done by hand before modern manufacturing, this implies that more time was spent in addition to the fact that every tool created was perfectly unique. In order to make an old English Long Bow, not only perfect wood is required but also a woodworker with a fine hand. Indeed, 3 years were spent by this man to wait for the wood to dry properly before he was capable of turning it into a beautiful bow. Take a peek at the comprehensive video of the process below:

One of the most remarkable aspects of the construction process is possibly the precision the craftsman exhibited with merely an axe. With the help of the strike of hand tools, he managed to finely shape and adjust the bow. Hence we can say that there is something that cannot be matched in hand-crafted objects, and numerous bow hunters feel that long bows should only be made by hand. The final product that comes out is really very impressive and it takes quite the strong hunter to be capable of handling the draw strength of such a large bow. A fraction of the purpose of drying the wood for such a long time is to ensure that flawless elasticity is upheld in the ultimate product. In case the wood it too wet, then it can split, bow, or just not be strong enough to launch the arrows.

How To Make An English Long Bow From A Fallen Tree

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