Kobi Saves Your Lawn When You’re Being Super Lazy

Autumn is a colorful season; orange and red leaves fall down on the green grass. Quite an attractive view, that can quickly become nasty if not taken care of right away. People who do not clear their yards end up with a horrific amount of leaves. Moving on, clearing the snow from the driveway is something we should not even talk about. Kobi will save all such people from the dire consequences of their laziness. kobi 1

Kobi is a robot that will help lazy people who cannot take care of their lawn and for those too who are busy in their jobs, businesses etc. The electric powered robot has ability to do many things for example cutting grass, blowing leaves and clearing off snow. This electric machine can blow snow up to 40 feet away from your house depending on the conditions. It also helps to cut down the gasoline costs for traditional lawn mowers. It also helps the cleaner in refueling it safely.kobi 3

Kobi is like a student. You can train it before using it. You just have to give it a walk around the lawn or your house so that it can learn the boundaries for example hedges. It can also learn where to dump the leaves and grass after the cleanup, if you want to. Kobi has sensors too in it.kobi 4

The fully electric robot has WiFi, Bluetooth and data connectivity options too in it. Owner of this robot can talk to Kobi by an app and set times for it when to start working and when to stop but if Kobi is not doing it right, you can control it manually too. If anyone else has an eye on Kobi, Do not freak out. This sensible robot can shut itself down when someone else takes it. You will get an alarm on your phone too that your robot has been stole, so do not worry. kobi 5

Now we come to the main point, How much does it costs? The answer is $4,000, which is a pretty good for a robot who pays for itself, works on its own and maintains your lawn.

It will be available, however, next year. Are you going to buy one?

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