KnitYak Creates Scarves That Have Mathematically Generated Designs

KnitYak makes custom knit scarves that are beautiful and quite unique.  The founder, Fabienne Serriere is a hand-knitter and mathematician who knits using algorithmic computer generated designs.

knityak5 knityak4

She is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter so that she can start KnitYak with an industrial knitting machine and “start a new kind of local on demand textile industry.”  One of the algorithms she uses is an ‘elementary cellular automaton’ which generates knit patterns which are non-repeating.  The great thing about a KnitYak scarf is that no two scarves are the same.  The pattern on the scarf is created when each of the cells in the pattern is an automaton that follows the algorithm and the result is one very cool looking unique scarf.



Serriere, based in Seattle, she wanted to have an outcome “where you could visually see that a pattern had order and meaning.” She chooses merino wool for the first run of scarves because of its soft texture, it doesn’t fuzz up and it lasts a lifetime.  So the next time you’re going out in the cold or just want to wrap a stylish scarf around your neck, consider KnitYak.  Each scarf is 7 inches wide and 75 inches long.  Currently the only color available is black and white.  If you’re interested, the scarf will cost you $150.

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