Jumping, Flying, Playing Cats

We have always wondered if cats ALWAYS land on their feet, how do they do it? It’s called the “aerial righting reflex”, an instinctive trait within cats.  Using their eyes and ears, the cat finds where the ground is, then bends its front legs, then tucks its back legs under its body, and arches its back to reduce the force of impact.  Studies have shown that cats who fall further distances, actually sustain less injury.  This happens because during free fall the cat rights its body and then relaxes for impact.  They spread themselves out and glide to reduce the severity of their injuries.

cats2 cats3

Cats have always reminded us of sophistication, and great poise. Their balance is comparable to a ballerina’s .  A study in 1987 analazyed 132 cases of cats that had fallen from high-rise windows in New York and came to the conclusion that cats that fell from floors 1-7 had more injuries than those that fell from higher than the 7th floor.

cats8 cats7 cats6

Cats love to jump when they play. We can only wish we were this athletic.

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