Job Application Written Completely in Computer Code

Woto, a recently launched web publishing company in London is placing a job advertisement for a creative designer entirely in computer code. By doing this they are trying to attract the cream of programmers out there.  Whoever cracks the coded criteria first and responds to the job in code will be rewarded with a paid internship with Woto. jobcoding1

Woto advertised the position with the title “Code your way into a job”. The job description is written entirely in code, allowing Woto to ensure only applicants with the correct skills get the job.  With code writing being an essential part of the job, the company saw no easier way for recruitment strategy.


Ian Collins, CEO and Co-Founder of said “ is a completely new type of digital publishing space, and with innovative products, you need like-minded people. A standard job advertisement would just not have been effective for this role.”  Woto’s chief technology officer and co-founder, Ekin Caglar goes on to say “ As a company embracing the future, we want to employ young people who can ‘talk our talk’ but also learn and develop at the same rate as the technology around us.”


Part of the coded message reads “Woto’s creators are after a savvy tech/digital intern, to help them make Woto whirl over the next few months.”   The applicant would be required to make a Woto page along with their coded application.  The company that is handling the launch of the website states that they predict to see more of these types of job listings in the future.  Also, as coding is being taught in schools in the UK now as part of its curriculum for primary and secondary schools students, the advertisement was a good way to keep up with the present.  Computer programming will be taught from the ages 5-14 in UK schools from this year.


Woto launched earlier this month and currently has a user base of around 10,000. The platform allows subscribers to share content and spread messages to a specific audience.  Users have so far used it in a variety of contexts, including apartment listings, uploading recipes, and creating forum for DIY journalism.  Interested job seekers have until October 2nd to ‘crack the code’.

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