Japanese Hack Can Help You Save Your Wet Notebook In No Time

Meet Jaluka Nohana, a Japanese artist, illustrator and author. Jaluka has a quick fix for your wet notebooks and how to save them. We all can relate to either getting caught in rain on our way back home or spilling a drink onto our notebooks. Usually the result is living with a notebook with warped pages that are curled forever. However, using this DIY technique by Jaluka, you can save your notebooks and do so without having to put much of an effort into it.

So, what do you need to do? You simply have to place some loose pieces of white toilet paper in between the wet pages and then apply some weight onto the notebook. Continue replacing the toilet papers until all of the water has been soaked up and your notebook is good to go again. The detailed process can be seen below.

In case you have spilled a drink on your notebook; follow the simple instructions given below.japanese-hack-can-help-you-save-your-wet-notebook-in-no-time-1

Put a piece of white toilet paper in between each of the wet pages.japanese-hack-can-help-you-save-your-wet-notebook-in-no-time-2

Place something heavy on top of the notebook (maybe a stack of books).japanese-hack-can-help-you-save-your-wet-notebook-in-no-time-3

Continue to replace the toilet paper until all of the water has been soaked up and voila!japanese-hack-can-help-you-save-your-wet-notebook-in-no-time-4

Twitter users had some amazing responses to this post.

“I’m a librarian so I know how liquid can ruin books forever. I’m definitely going to try this in future!”
“I used this on an office book I ruined at work and the results were amazing!”
“You have to use white paper for this because I used tissue paper instead and there were still wrinkles left behind.”
“I wish I knew about this before! Whenever I ruin my books I just buy new ones so this will save me money!”
“That weightlifting rabbit is adorable!”

Do let us know if this works for you!

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