Jan Vormann’s LEGO Dispatchwork

Taking plastic construction pieces and putting them to repairing and filling holes in ruined walls sounds weird and unbelievable at the same time but a 27-year old German (Berlin based) artist started repairing old walls with Lego bricks in a contemporary art festival in Bocchignano, Italy.


This art work called LEGO Dispatchwork- combining his passion for both LEGO and dispatchwork-has become part of a fun movement carried out by Vormann and is now a continuing project applicable to all of his travel destinations becoming a worldwide phenomenon with a huge addition of volunteers. Cheers to the substantial support of various foundations, organisations and private individuals a global network of participation has been created.


Vormann worked on his creativity by devising reconstruction projects preserving walls and buildings in Berlin that remained from the World War II,by putting colourful plastic LEGO bricks between the old stones. The results are interesting pieces of shiny street art. He says,“Centuries of ‘Savoir-Vivre’ with the ‘laissez-faire’ mentality, visible, for example, in the patchwork construction of the cities´ walls, get intruded by modern shiny material, kids toys, setting a contrast in the thick grey stonewall of the narrow lanes. (…) The colorful and shiny polished plastic, worked into this dust-covered grey patina of diverse construction material, adds the modern touch of colorful design while distracting from and intriguing the serious life securing function of these walls: durability……I know, it won’t save the world. But it’s fun.”


He indulged people of all ages into his work at some touristic hot-spots, (Kupfergraben corner with Dorotheenstraße) when they spontaneously started “helping” him in putting small colored plastic pieces between old stones. Kids, Parents and Grandparents added interesting approaches towards constructing new things and taking the project “to another dimension”.


For further creativity overdose click on the video link below! Enjoy!

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