iTraq Lets You Track Your Smartphone Without Using GPS

Entrepreneur Roman Iskov has come up with the idea of a brand new tracking device that doesn’t need GPS or Bluetooth connection to function!

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Based solely on cellular networks for its function, it’s the world’s first global location device, that can be found anywhere. iTraq determines its location using cellular towers allowing, iTraq to be located anywhere in the world where cellular service exists.

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Bluetooth devices have a small range, and GPS is expensive and over-accurate for the purpose, claim creators of iTraq. To this end, they have devised iTraq to suit everyone’s needs.

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iTraq is fitted with a SIM and can be located through cellular networks in its vicinity. It can be calibrated and controlled through an App on you smartphone. You can have more than one iTraqs, all at the tip of your fingers.

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Its software allows  it to stay in sleep mode most of the time – this helps to minimize energy consumption and achieve an amazing battery lifetime – upto 3 years without recharging!

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The user can set up a schedule for iTraq to wake up and determine its location by scanning cellular towers in range, and transmit location information to the server.

This way, you can remain constantly up to date about the location of your belongings.  All the location information is displayed on your mobile phone or on the website. You can use it to tag your luggage when you travel, for the safety of your children or your car!

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iTraq’s Mobile Application has been designed to allow you to activate and manage multiple iTraqs. “Each iTraq can be assigned a name and a separate alarm ringtone. The number of iTraqs that can be tracked and logged in the application is limitless”, claim the creators. “For each iTraq you can view the map that contains a history of its locations with time stamps”.

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Battery time and status can also be monitored through this App, and frequency of notification can be managed likewise.

iTraq also comes with a “Guard Mode”. This sends an alarm signal if an object leaves a designated radius. This can be used for securing your car, or track grounded children! Okay, may be that’d be too spooky a thing to do. Better leave it to cars!

iTraq Guard Mode

iTraq is as small as a credit card. It can be placed in a glove compartment of the car or even hidden under the seat of a mountain bike. It can also be hung on the strap or stuck on a flat surface with an adhesive strip.iTraq (1)

iTraq has crossed its initial goal and raised $230,000 on Indiegogo. With this, it is set to launch by August 2015.

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