Geeks who changed the world: Sir Isaac Newton


Sir Isaac Newton

Our history is full of people who not only inspired but also changed the fabric of the way we live our lives today. They laid foundation of modern science and of course one cannot limit oneself to science only, they touched every field of life form music to literature. In absolute terms no two people can be compared but every now and then we come up with parameters that help us put a mark on the level of influence that certain people had on our lives. Today’s article is on one such person whose idea, notions and work changed the way that people thought. It gave a base for the modern science to lay its foundation on, we are talking about Sir Isaac Newton.

Sir Isaac Newton is regarded as one of the most influential scientist of all time and a key figure in revolution of science. In 1687 he published Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica(“Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”), which is said to be the most influential book  of all times,  in which he discussed the laws of motion and gravity thus the inception of classical mechanics. He also contributed in other fields such as optics and in the invention of infinitesimal calculus.  His other work include building the first practical reflecting telescope, developing theory of colours by observing the decomposition of white light by prism, formulation of empirical law of cooling. He also studied the speed of sound and generalized the binomial theorem to non-integer exponents and development of Newton’s method for approximation of roots of a function.

Sir Isaac Newton

An interesting incident affiliated with Isaac is the apple incident. Many argue that the incident never took place but once the manuscripts of his fellows such as William Stukeley we made public by the Royal Society, it actually accounts for the incident. However many still say that the incident alone was not responsible, in fact many other observations augmented the notion of gravity and in actuality the apple never hit Newton’s head.

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Here are some quick facts:

Born 25 December 1642
[NS: 4 January 1643]
Died 20 March 1727 (aged 84)
[OS: 20 March 1726
NS: 31 March 1727]

KensingtonMiddlesexEngland,Great Britain
Resting place Westminster Abbey
Residence England
Nationality English 
Alma mater Trinity College, Cambridge
Academic advisors
Notable students
Known for
Is. Newton* From