iRobot Unveils uPoint MRC System to Rule Them ALL!!

Robots are definitely the technology of the future, everywhere from household use to military use. We need to be able to control them that makes life easier, not more complicated. Robot maker iRobot Corporation (IRBT) recently unveiled a multi-robot controller (MRC), uPoint Multi-Robot Control system. This system can be used for controlling all robotic products of the company.


The iRobot uPoint Multi-Robot Control system is a universal control system for the company’s defense and security robots that combines a touchscreen interface with a mobile robotic radio relay. The company has introduced an intuitive way to control robots. The system is made up of an easy-to-use, android based controller and a world-class robot radio network. Together, they allow you to communicate, drive, manipulate, and inspect iRobot’s family of robots.



Every movement of your robots can be controlled from your fingertips. A virtual joystick will be provided to drive the robot, touch and drag capabilities for operating the robot’s arm and manipulator. The touchscreen technology is easy to adapt to as we use touchscreen on millions of tablets and smartphones these days. The system increases the overall efficiency of robots used for critical missions, especially defense and security purposes. The uPoint MRC system comes with an added feature, the uPoint Robot Radio, offering improved communications and better networking. When you get tired there is also an autonomous mode to allow the robot to drive itself. The controlling system will be available by the second quarter of 2015.


“Success as a robot operator during high-stress, critical operations depends on precise and reliable control, so the interface needs to be intuitive,” says Frank Wilson, senior vice president and general manager of iRobot’s Defense & Security business unit. “We’ve leveraged decades of experience working with robot operators and held dozens of user focus groups to develp the uPoint MRC system. The uPoint MRC system drives mission effectiveness by decreasing training time and increasing overall ease of use. With uPoint, you point and the robot goes.”

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