Iris Updates Existing Cars With An HUD

Heads-up displays, or HUDs, are gaining popularity on the automotive scene. These displays overlap the windscreen, and information is available in the direct line of sight with HUDs. Although they may seem a little dangerous, they may soon be a regular part on automobiles and we might juts get used to these.

For the older models, the Iris HUD may just be the one upper. This 720p laser projection unit mounts on the existing visor bracket and projects a display on to an accompanying screen that allows view beyond it simultaneously. When not needed, the screen can be flipped away by moving the arms it is attached to.

Iris HUD (1)

Production ready and looking for crowdfunding through an Indiegogo campaign, Iris has been designed to connect to the user’s smartphone via an Android or iOS app via Bluetooth. With the connection in place, the HUD can display not just maps, speed limits and location, but message status, updates and alerts too. With its voice-recognition and gesture control systems, Iris is a part-time smart phone controller too. Users can make calls with one command, and accept or reject calls through hand gestures.

Iris HUD (3)

If not synced to a smart phone, Iris can connect to the car’s on-board computer to display fuel, speed and other vehicle status. As Iris replaces the car’s original visor, Iris comes with its own visor to block the sun for the driver.

A pledge of US$299 can get users a working unit of the HUD; that’s a $200 discount on the original price for supporters.

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