iPhone 5S, a peek into the phone

iPhone 5S


Although the phone seems pretty much the same as the predecessor the iPhone 5 but it actuality it has been upgraded in many ways. The device was revealed on 10th of September 2013. Following are differences in features as compared to the previous iPhones:

1- Speed (Processor):

The iPhone 5 packs an A7 processor which is almost twice as fast as the A6 that the iPhone 5 holds. Combine with a 64- bit architecture and equipped with M7 ( a co-processor) the processing capacity of iPhone 5S is amazing. The M7’s jobs  is to collect data from the various sensors the iPhone 5S has, including the GPS, processing the information without waking the main A7 chip. This way apps can be fed with data that will enhance performance without using much of the processing power hence less usage of the battery.

2- Security  (Touch ID):

Touch ID


One very interesting new feature is the “touch ID” system. Its a finger print scanner that sits under the home button. No longer does one need to remember PIN codes or security patterns, just a swipe of your thumb can unlock the phone for you. The print is also integrated with iTunes, meaning you can buy stuff off the market using your fingerprint. The device can store up to 5 finger prints hence your family and close friends can unlock your phone but only one can be affiliated with online buying.

3- Pictures (Camera):

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S is equipped with an 8 MP camera with wider f/2.2 aperture and 2 LED flash lights, one white light and one with amber light which on paper suggests that the picture quality in low-light conditions will be a lot better as compared to previous iPhones.

4- Battery life: 

On paper the iPhone 5S should be able to put out 10 hours talk time, 10 hours LTE browsing and 250 hours of stand by time. Which is better that any of the previous iPhones.

5- Price:

The iPhone 5S is not even remotely cheap, getting one for yourself will set your wallet back by following prices:

a- $650 for 16 GB storage

b- $750 for 32 GB storage

c- $850 for 64 GB storage

iPhone 5S is also available in a new colour, Gold  and combined with IOS 7 the new iPhone should be very good indeed.

New Gold color



iPhone 5S

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