inFORM- Futuristic 3D Interactive User Interface by MIT

With endless technological possibilities touching the skies, techno freaks are certainly wondering what the future users will experience. No one anticipated the Jetson’s lifestyle to actually come into existence, with the touchscreens and holographic imaging and flying cars, but it is here and happening; with this pace, what will the future hold?inform 5

MIT’s Media Lab came up with a new interface design last year called inFORM. Created by Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer of the Tangible Media Group, inFORM is an advanced user interface from the future!inform-1

With the field of 3D dynamics on the rise, inFORM too is a 3D surface that adapts to the users wants and desires of creativity, one can not only interact with the digital eons and built 3D models but can also feel real with someone miles away; 3D Skyping perhaps, touch your loved ones or hold their hands in 3D form. This technology is based on the idea that technology is eventually moving to a 3D realm.InForm-2

How does this work? There is a Pinscreen surface that is constructed from a bunch of pegs, each of which are connected to an electrical motor also connected to a laptop. The pins are able to execute shapes according to the interaction between real life objects and inFORM. inFORM is a technology that has brought human like physical feel to data that once was only found in cyberspace perhaps. The inFORM works on sensors from a hacked Microsoft Kinect. This is what the world wants after experiencing the touch systems, honestly speaking the possibilities are infinite; inFORM is only opening up the door to the tactile gadgets of the future, because tapping a screen isn’t very satisfactory now that we are so used to it.inform-4

This will be an amazing experience to have a technology much more real, personal and sensitized having actual physical interaction. inFORM is just one conceivable solution to the 21st-century glitches of technological captivation to the point of seclusion, is it a mimicry turning into reality shown in Wall-e when computers replace every work that we do? Only time will tell. Who knows what human psyche will be like when the social and physical interaction will be taken away?inform-3

The inFORM isn’t the concluding answer, but it is a pronounced experimental tool that will be used as an important feature to purge the hunger of our future techno savvy generation. inFORM3.gifinFORM- Futuristic 3D Interactive User Interface by MIT2To call the stakes seriously, it shouldn’t be taken just as a playful tool to shake hands with distant FnF’s but as a serious inevitable change!

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