Incy Wincy Spider – Oh Wait!

T8, the robot spider 3Technology is rapidly making progress. We have come so far since the advent of computers. Today we live in an era which could very well be dedicated to technology. We see new inventions and innovations coming out every other day and they are not limited to one field or a particular group. Science and technology are shaping almost everything there is to shape.

T8, the robot spider 4Robotics is a branch of technology that has progressed a lot during the last few years. What we saw only in science fiction movies is a reality now and scientists are not just stopping here. Apart from robotics – an idea that has been in the air for past so many decades – there is a new ‘technology’ known as 3D printing. 3D printers have progressed so fast that sometimes it sounds absurd. We now have 3D printed food, guns and even 3D printers printed from a 3D printer!

T8, the robot spiderSo what happens when you combine robotics and 3D printing in a playful manner, oh and what if you’re a fan of spider man? Well you get the robot spider! Known as T8, the robot spider is an octopod-bot which has been built using 3D printed parts. Robugtix is the company behind this scary-ish funny invention and is selling these at a price of $1,350. Yeah well maybe we’d just like to read about it and see a video only, thanks Robugtix. But this sure does open up many possibilities for 3D printing and robotics to merge and come up with new inventions.

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