Huayra BC Is The Reinvented Pagani

Remember Pagani? Makers of one of the most insane Modena-based supercar on this planet, I guess not, that’s because you don’t hear their name too often because they don’t develop new cars and model variants at a constant pace. After the latest production by the company, their motto seems to be “quality over quantity”. The latest Huayra BC is a reengineered, reimagined masterpiece having “innovative changes in every part of the vehicle.” This results in lesser weight, more power and bespoke equipment.

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The BC in the product name stands for Benny Caiola, this car is a tribute to Benny Caiola, an American real estate mogul and car collector. Also the man to purchase the very first Pagani. The care is a fitting tribute to the man who passed away in 2010. A technological tour de force that will debut new features which will be a part of Paganis in the years to come.

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Pagani were considered to follow McLaren and Ferrari, while building a hybrid flagship. But they decided to focus more on the more familiar measures such as, adapting motorsport chassis, axing weight and suspension technology on the road-going car. They also took steps to reinvent the Huayra’s automated manual transmission. When compared to radical hybrid powertrains featured in the likes of Arash AF10 or Koenigsegg Regera, these features of the Huayra might seem negligible, but as a sum, the Huayra BC’s parts seem equally glorious.

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Designed primarily for road use, the Huayra BC follows in the tracks of the heavily track-focused Paganis in the past, which included Zonda R and Zonda Cinque. One might expect a major engine overhaul while considering the package, but the Huayra’s V12 did not get one and waited it out while its partner got major developments.
This new seven-speed automated manual transmission, developed by Xtrac, promises a new electro-hydraulic actuation system, carbon fiber synchronizers and revised clutch control program. Pagani boasts of better shift times and more precise engagement of the gears. This new improvement is described to weigh 40 percent less as compared to the standard Huayra’s seven-speed AMT, this includes the factoring in the new electronic active differential designed around improved traction and stability of the vehicle.

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The engine featured in Huayra’s Mercedes-AMG 6.0 liter V12 bi-turbo, does get an improvement in terms of power. As compared to the standard 720 hp (537 kW), the vehicle is said to get something with a lot more power. One of the press kits claimed it to have a 740-bhp+ (552 kW+), and another version floating around in the press claims it to be 789 hp (588 kW). Pagani will soon uncover the specifications of their product, and put an end to this mystery.
As we move over to the suspensions of this Pagani, we see that the double wishbones have been overhauled by the automobile manufacturers. The components are built out of described as a lightweight, high-strength aeronautic aluminum alloy, this allows them to cut 25 percent of the poundage as compared to the standard Huayra, in terms of weight. The company also boasts of improved responsiveness due to this system.

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This program to improvise and reduce the weight of the new Huayra BC includes some additional bits, like the new sports exhaust featured, Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires that were developed specially for the BC, replacing the mechanical parking brake by an electric one, and an interior that is fully race-inspired. As a whole, the new BC is claimed to be almost 300 pounds (136 kg) less in weight as compared to the standard Huayra that weighs around 2,685 lb (1,218 kg).

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Other adjustments to the new Huayra BC include reworked aerodynamics, a Bosch ESP system with added “track” mode that is specially calibrated, Le Mans-derived tripod axle drive shafts, and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes that are newly developed. Redesigned bodywork contain all those mechanical and structural changes. Every body panel of the vehicle was redone, except the roof, that was left untouched.
Pagani will reveal the latest Huayra BC at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Pagani is to sell just 20 pieces of this machinery costing €2.35 million (US$2.6 million) apiece.

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