How to Demolish a Building with Style – Demolition of The Wellington Annex

Yesterday marked the day when the famous New York Hotel, The Wellington Annex that was built back in 1920 has been demolished and that too with a display of fireworks and some really cool myriad of colored explosions. You don’t see a more literal example of going out with a blast anymore.The Wellington Annex Colorful Demolition

The Hotel Wellington Annex was a vacant 11-storey building located in Albany, New York. The send-off resembled the Fourth of July celebrations with red, blue and white fireworks. The building lit up like a Christmas tree and it was quite a sight to see. The crowd gasped and cries of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ were frequent. According to a witness Harold Grimm; ‘They put on a show and it was pretty awesome’.The Wellington Annex Colorful Demolition4 The Wellington Annex Colorful Demolition5 The Wellington Annex Colorful Demolition3 The Wellington Annex Colorful Demolition2

The ex-owner of the site, Columbia Development, had kept the details of the demolition a big secret until the cat was out of the bag. Joseph Nicolla, owner of the Columbia Development said; ‘I thought that was a nice little surprise.’ The cleared up land will be used for an upscale hotel that is expected to cost a whopping $161 million.

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