HIVE: Home Smart Home

Did you remember to lock your door?  Did you turn off all the lights? Did you leave the oven on?  There are so many things you could forget.  A device for this and a gadget for that, could become hard to handle.  There’s a new product out that acts as a brain for your home.  Hive by Design Milk,  takes the little worries out of life with complete automated control right at your fingertips….no more worrying.


HIVE is a new technology for your home that’s kind of like a brain.  It allows you to connect to and control your lights, locks, electronics, appliances, and any other smart devices form a single place.  The best part of it is that it communicates with you.  The Hive Hub is not only the one-stop home security system that also entertains, keeps you warm and cool, but it also connects to other devices and programs, making it one of the most compatible and multi-tasking products on the market


The Hive has a mobile app that controls all its functions.  When you purchase Hive’s product range you can get speakers for audio and security alerts.  It comes in a variety of colors so you place them according to you mood or decor.  All you have to do is set it up once and then forget about it.  The Hive does the rest.


It keeps your home secure from anywhere with the use of the mobile app.  It arms your home with motion sensors and video cameras providing 24/7 surveillance without having a contract with a security company.  The Hive system can also play your favourite tunes from whatever app you want it to.  Built-in two-way voice controls allow you to speak to the system when you need help, for example you can just say, “Home, turn the heater to 70.” Whether you need a baby monitor or automatic locks, Hive is fully customizable.


The product is still in the crowdfunding stage, but if everything goes according to plan the company will begin manufacturing and then delivery.  You can purchase the Hive Hub or Hive Sound and a mobile app for $99. You can pledge for the campaign over here.

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