Highest Quality Video Leak Yet- iPhone 6 compared to 5s

We might need to call the plumber with all these leaks.  The iphone 6 is going to launch on September 9th and we have been speculating as to what we can expect.  Now, just a day before the unveiling we have hit the motherlode of all leaks, a video showing a white and silver 64 GB iPhone 6 next to a gold iPhone 5s. iphone6-5s 1

Is this video for real?  Apparently the world will find out tomorrow.  Over the past few months the iPhone 6 photo leaks and video leaks have really sparked the interest and curiosity of iPhone fans.  The latest video is seen coming out of a Russian YouTube channel and it gives us the best look so far of what the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 screen will look like.

iphone6-5s 6

The video compares the iPhone 6 with its predecessor, the iPhone 5s, portraying the white front along with the Space Grey rear panel.  The new generation iPhone is expected to have grey, silver, and gold as colors which will be offered.  Highest Quality Video Yet Compares Leaked iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s4 Highest Quality Video Yet Compares Leaked iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s3 Highest Quality Video Yet Compares Leaked iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s2We can also see the iPhone 6 being constructed of a range of parts that we have been introduced to over the recent months.  If there is a rabbit that Apple might be pulling out of the top hat or a new trick up their sleeve on September 9th, it will sure be a shock because we’ve seen every possibility online.

iphone6-5s 5

Showing fans so many different pictures and videos in anticipation of the iPhone 6 hasn’t left much to the imagination, so visually we don’t think there will be many surprises.  There will be a release around ten days after the unveiling, so all our questions will soon be answered.  Sporting curved glass and edges, elongated volume buttons, a protruding rear camera and round flash, this new generation iPhone will sure be a sight for sore eyes, aesthetically gorgeous.

iphone6-5s 4

Your guess is as good as ours, but the wait is almost over so hold on to your horses.

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