High-Tech Coolbox – The Smartest Toolbox Out There

There’s a new ice chest out in the market, but you won’t find any coke cans in it.  Somebody ripped out the inside and turned it into a toolbox.  This product could be useful to serious contractors or people at home attempting small DIY projects.


This Coolbox toolbox is fitted with a built-in rechargeable battery, a pair of Bluetooth speakers, and a whole lot of outlets and ports to charge your gadgets and tools.  Lift up the lid and you’ll find a set of LED floodlights; a retractable, 10-foot power cord; a pair of rollers for easy transport; a tablet stand; a whiteboard; and even an integrated bottle opener.  Essentially it’s anything and everything you’ll need at a job site.  By the way, it holds all your tools too.  The toolbox has 1800 cubic inches of space and can hold up to 65 pounds of your gear.  As you all know, being organized is the key to getting any job done.


In addition to all the fun elements, the Coolbox also has a magnetic lid, which is a real practical innovation to help you keep track of loose screws, bolts and other magnetic bits while doing a DIY project.  It also has a special compartment for your smartphone.


The creators just recently launched a crowdfunding campaign and they’ve already flown past its goal of $50K.  You can get your own Coolbox for about $170.  Shipment is scheduled to begin by June 2015.

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